Welcome to my blog!

As of February 19, 2020, I am off to travel for the rest of the year! First stop: Africa. I will be on a tour through Rwanda and Uganda until March 1. Then I head to Tanzania to volunteer with Neema International for three months. Next is an Overland Tour through Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. After that, three months in Europe, then another three in New Zealand. Depending on where I’m at with my budget and how I’m doing being away from home for so long, I may or may not continue traveling in 2021.

I am writing this blog primarily for family and friends to stay updated with my whereabouts, but it’s also here for anyone who’s curious to read about my adventures around the globe! I’ll be sharing stories, photos, tips and tricks for traveling, and really anything else that I think people might enjoy reading about.

I’ve titled it My Purposeful Adventure because I will have an intention everywhere I go. Whether my purpose be something meaningful, like doing work for an organization in Tanzania that I care deeply about, or silly, like eating as much gelato as I possibly can in Rome, I will go into each day having a clear idea of why I am where I am.

To learn more about Neema International, visit https://neemainternational.org/

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